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Research shows that women choose the movies and rent the videos; studios are responding by feminizing their films.

Browse Feminization Station Captions 17 porn picture gallery by Nikki J to see hottest anal, teen, sissy, feminization, fake, futa, trap sex images. Perhaps feminisahion need no more evidence than this to show how traditionally feminine the very lifeblood of America has become.

Feminsation, I'm back home now and things are mostly back to normal. Think of feminization not as the promulgation of characteristics belonging to women—whatever statiom would be—but as the promulgation of those characteristics traditionally associated with women. Sick of the mudslinging and soundbiting that have since come to characterize political campaigning?

Inpresidential candidate George Bush found himself on the wrong side of a 20 percent gender gap—the trend among women, since the election of Jimmy Carter, to vote Democrat.

Sally Riggs Fuller, assistant professor at the University of Washington school of business, cites phenomena like empowerment programs and team structures as elements of the feminizing trend. Ironically, this is potentially damaging to women.

As feminine qualities increasingly define femniisation benchmark for correct human behavior, other social goods—the manly virtues, even feminism itself—may fall by the wayside. These days a woman can lob a charge of sexual harassment from her cubicle and topple a titan. Then, the fervent moralism that marked both the antiwar movement and the civil-rights crusade created ideal conditions for feminization to flourish, steeping an entire generation in its utopian visions of peace and equality.

The rise feminisation station the Dockers man Even more telling are the advertisements now in vogue: commercials, targeting men, which show men in thrall to dominant women. Updates I just wanted to give everyone a quick update as to the status of my next caption story and, for those of you who care, what's going on in my life after the hurricane. Media messages targeted at men reflect this newly open concern with appearances.

As Nation columnist Katha Pollitt has argued, any belief system holding up womanhood as morally exemplary threatens to set up moral superiority as a condition of equality. Though policywise Michael Dukakis was unquestionably the more woman-friendly candidate, the victorious Bush was successfully spun as the more feminized candidate. The upshot, discovered in that campaign and exploited ever since: men vote for policies, women vote for symbols.

They may already have.

The feminization station

femknisation A new sex-positive feminism allowing women to reclaim their femininity, articulated by thinkers as disparate as Camille Paglia, Naomi Wolf, and Suzanne Gordon, began to take hold and supplant antique stereotypes of feminists as sexless hags. Feminization goes deeper than business and politics, however. Submission and acquiescence are the Pavlovian responses advertising has trained into us.

statikn The adoration of femininity becomes yet another pedestal on which society can place, and thereby displace, real flesh-and-blood women. She who picks the video, rules Whether or not female social and economic power makes men more sensitive, it has had an undeniably dramatic effect on American culture, as is evident in the stunning rise in the degree to which women drive commerce. Therefore, women are more susceptible to campaigns waged through potent emotional symbols.

The kinder, gentler candidate wins In recent years even politics, that quintessentially stagion arena, has become feminized beyond recognition. In short, feminization has come to represent the way of progress—for both men and women. Legal thinkers are calling for more mediation and arbitration over adversarial court battles. But perhaps it would appear thus even if not for the feminized substance of the messages.

Change the station and see the newest Nike ad: no more the command to Just Do It, but now a ringing paean to self-esteem: I Can.

Politically, factor in the gender gap, a phenomenon which upped the clout of women and shined a new political spotlight on their issues. Women are more dovelike, more suspicious of power, more inclined toward paternalistic government, and are lower on the socioeconomic scale. I've got power, water, and internet access, so that's covered. Cultural critic Midge Decter has theorized that one of the forces feminizing men has been this mass migration of women into the workforce.

See end of.

Related Links:. The statistics are plain: according to Ad Age, women now control some 60 percent of all US wealth and influence more than 80 percent of all purchases. Thanks to everyone who inquired after my well-being.

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As women infiltrate media once feminisatikn by men—as is happening in advertising and, even more dramatically, public relations—media messages become more resonant to women. Ditto movies. Posted by. To the extent that American culture is growing more commodified and commercialized, we Americans are increasingly reduced to our identities as consumers: receptive, suggestible, objectified, slavish to appearances.

The question, of course, is whether this feminization is taking us where we want to go.

When did we all become women?

Walsh affirms what the gender gap has long suggested: that women, even Republican women, are more politically liberal than men. These are the values on the ascendancy in our public and private lives. The nurturing boss Out with the bosses, in with the nurturing managers.

Sissy and TG Captions. Think of values like nurturing and caring, emotion and sentimentality, connection and community, passivity and submission, vanity and appearance, cooperation and equality, openness and access, manipulation and influence.

From our increasingly politically correct disdain for hierarchical structures like the military, to the terms by which we define good mental health—communication! Even the metaphors driving the American economy into the future—the global network of cyberspace, the communications revolution, the rise of the service economy—are feminisation station conceits, emphasizing connectedness, relationship, inclusion, engagement. So, I'm now able to work unfettered, which means that the new story is on the horizon I intend to release it somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd, with the latest book coming a few days after that.

Admittedly, some of this valorization of femininity is long past due for the half of the human race whose achievements have too long been taken for granted, feminiswtion too rarely admired. Maybe another station will be broadcasting OlympicGames human-interest stories; maybe the winning American wrestler will be weeping lavishly.

Staton has happened before in American history, in the midth century when Victorian women, as the primary consumers and influencers of popular culture, promoted a culture of sentimentalism. Where consumerism breeds compliance, victim-ism breeds passivity: it locates strength in oppression.

As women get elected to political office—as more women have in Washington state than any other, filling 39 percent of the statehouse—debate is forced on issues of greatest concern to women, from domestic violence to maternity leave. See end of article for related links. Thus prominently featured in the trailer is the motivating love story of Nicholas Cage trying to get back to his wife and feminisation station the final cut was edited to slash the of car crashes, dial up the humor, and foreground the romantic subplot.

In response, male institutions statjon Esquire are replacing much of their cultural coverage with more service pieces and vanity features. For business managers, masculinization simply stopped being effective.