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Finnish wedding traditions

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Preparations for the Wedding Before you get married, a priest re the banns in the bride's parish during a service.

Then she was assisted by other girls to make gifts to be given to the bridegroom's relatives and guests during the marriage feast. After that men dance with the bride etc.

Finnish wedding customs

After the dance, the couple leaves first as the congregation waves at them. And in medieval times the marriages, especially between more wealthier people, were mostly agreements, which purpose was to ensure alliance between families or bring more wealth to the families.

In most cases the betrothal period was six months. The bride was handed over with the shaking of hands, gifts, the dressing of the bride's hair and the donning of the married woman's headdress.

According to some recent surveys this ceremony is more popular. Reception, Food, And Drinks The reception usually finnisn place at a place near the church. This is a duty usually reserved for the Father of the Bride in a lot of different traditions, and her request knocked me flat, it was such a huge honor.

Quick question from an American, are there any Finnish wedding traditions that could replace a unity candle ceremony? In Ostrobothnia the bride was given money after the dance, and the giver was served spirits.

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In Karelia it was the suitor's father or a relative. Finnish Wedding Traditions. › kulttuurishokki › finnish-wedding-traditions.

Apart from the dowry, the bride would bring kapiot trousseauwhich comprised of textile such as linen. Also an interesting tradition is that in Finland guests do not come with flowers to the wedding, instead the wedding organizer is responsible to get.

Wedding in finland

On the first evening the bridal couple was brought to the bridal bed. Now most people in Finland get wed between May and September and before 20th century usually the wedding was held after the harvesting time was over, so in October to December.

There were numerous courses and the meal ended with coffee. She had to embroider the linen by herself, or a woman from her home would help her. Peasant weddings usually lasted days. One of trwditions items for the final meal in the Swedish-speaking areas of Ostrobothnia was blood sausage.

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The next morning the bride's headdress and dress were changed. They are mainly family events. The celebration is usually held at a location rented restaurant, manor etc.

Throughout Finland on the second day it was customary for the young wife to distribute presents to her husband, his parents and relatives; her mother-in-law received the most. There may also be lots of alcohol served or then just few glasses of wine. The guests are supposed to dress in fancy clothes, but not in evening gowns.

Old marriage customs in finland

If the bride is wearing a vail, the father can lift the vail finnsh giving the bride, the groom can lift the vail at the altar before the wedding starts or just after the wedding before the couple turns to face the audience. His mission was to protect her.

Weedding the girl made her appearance, a bottle of spirits and gifts were handed over. In the past the dower was to show appreciation to the wife and the wealthy of her new home. There were also various church holidays and festivals. Everyone seemed pretty laid back about the whole affair.

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Maybe more about them in some later post. Thus the bride was a married woman.

June Pelo. It was an old tradition that weddings should begin while the moon was waxing, and in the western regions preferably on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Important traditions in kazakhstan

Then the dancing began. The wedding ceremony can be long or short. Today, a wedding ceremony can take even one day provided you meet all the requirements for a Finnish wedding. The weddong and the groom are not supposed to see each other within 24 hours before their wedding ceremony. Then they visited the parsonage to take out banns.