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Flaked on

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It's an insider's word, used throughout baseball, usually as an adjective; someone is considered 'flaky. The client is a flake.

b. How to use flake in a sentence.

Man, Denise is such a flake Submitted by Bonnie W. What I've found, instead, is this: flaky adj.

Your mom flaked on re-filing her paperwork. She's such a flake. past simple and past participle of flake 2.

She flaked on me. You are a flake. Flake definition is - a small loose mass or bit.

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To fail to meet someone at a deated location. It will be flqked from deletion if legitimate citations are found. To remove a flake or flakes from; chip. Look, she already flaked on you once. How many times have girls flaked on you?

Other words from flake

Okay, I'd be really happy for you, except that my waitress and my bartender both just flaked on me The term 'flake' needs explanation. Related: Flakiness. He was, until he flaked on me. To renege, as on a social engagement: promised to go to the party but flaked at the last moment. To come off in flat thin pieces or layers. Last edited on May 13 To cover, mark, or overlay with or as if with flakes.

Meaning "eccentric, crazy" first recorded flaker, said to be American English baseball slang, but probably from earlier druggie slang flake "cocaine" s. To fall asleep or collapse from fatigue or exhaustion: got home and flaked on the sofa. To ditch or not to show up Last edited on Jul 24 Submitted by Anonymous on May 23 Flake n. Last edited on Jul 24 First you flaked on molly's play, and then I ask flaied to take her to jazz class, and you said you would, and you did not.

To renege, as on a social engagement: flaked on to go to the party but flaked at the last moment.

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Eileen you are such a flake! He has flaked on me before, and I suppose he does sleep through his alarm on a regular basis. Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange.

So if someone "flakes out" they have behaved like an unreliable snowflake and have melted out of this world. Dale Texas said: A flake, whether a little snowflake or an actual person, is unreliable because they don't last long. To lose interest or nerve: I toyed with the idea flakev getting a tattoo but flaked out when I saw the needle. Backing out, or giving up. · 2.

Translation of "flaked on" in russian

I know we were supposed to have drinks tonight, but my ex flaked on me, and I have to take him to a party at fun-ville. To act in an odd or eccentric manner: Don't embarrass me by flaking out in front of my friends!

Last edited on Oct 14 Charlotte flaked on me again. However poetic, it should be noted that flakev etymology is, as far as I can tell, wholly unsubstantiated by evidence. Do you remember when I siphoned all the oil out of your car when you flaked on beach day? flake · 1.

Flake on someone

Phrasal Verb: flake out Slang 1. flaked definition: 1. to come off a surface in small, thin pieces. Learn more.

To come off in flat thin pieces or layers. Slang a.

Something big must've happened because he flaked on Lana too. Submitted by Flamed J. They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas.