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Mountain Fury has a caffeine content of Mountain Lion can be found at Sweetbay Markets.

This makes Kickapoo the only imitator from this era that still exists today. The strip ran from until The introduction of Mountain Dew coincided with a fad that was taking the nation by storm at the time with the popularity of television shows like the Beverly Hillbillies and the Andy Griffith show.

These are a bit tougher to find than the regular versions. An ebay find brought to light a new imitator from going by the name Kintucky Hootch hillbillh assures us on the back "Contains No Booze".

List of citrus soft drinks

Quite possibly the most famous and most interesting of the imitators comes to us from the National NuGrape Company of Atlanta, and this is the Kickapoo Joy Juice brand. Then of hiolbilly, more often than not hillbilly joose to the party is Coca-Cola who in introduces their own answer to Mountain Dew, Mello Yello.

The label comes in either yellow and red or white and red, and features a wooden wash tub flying into orbit from the earth with the characters of Lonely Polecat a Native Americanand Hairless Joe who is anything but hairless in the wash tub.

Kickapoo, having tried one recently, is actually a grapefruit flavored drink, and was introduced in April with a two day sales meeting in Atlanta. The only real connection I can find to Mountain Dew is the fact that they use a hillbilly with a jug on their label.

Vintage s Hill Billy Joose Soda Pop Can 12OZ PULL TAB PULL RING SODA CAN STRAIGHT STEEL, DOUBLE SIDED MADE BY COTTON CLUB. Pretty much any generic brand you can think of has a Mountain Dew imitator these days, but none of them are as fun as those early hillbilly inspired ones. Dec 3, gillbilly Vintage s 'HillBilly Joose' Novelty Collectible Steel Pop Soda Can/Pop Tab by LOVELADYBIRDVINTAGE on Etsy.

Over all imitators… colorwise and tastewise! Red created the brand early inand was already advertising franchises by February of the same year.

As with any great idea, there will always be imitators, and Mountain Dew is no exception. This 12 oz.

Hillbilly stereotypes in material objects

Moonshine after Faygo sold the name. Of course not one to miss a fad, Faygo came out with a brand called Moonshine. This brand may or may not be the same soda that they now sell as Moon Mist, because they sold the moonshine brand name several years ago to a gentleman who wanted to revive it along with the Tru-ade brand, but never did. "Hillbilly Joose" Soda Can [Accession ].

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The thing that makes Kickapoo interesting is the fact that the name, label, and sales promotion of this drink are based upon Li'l Abner. Mountain Frost has the same amount of sugar, which is 47 grams. Mountain Holler is a generic brand soft drink similar to Mountain Dew and is sold exclusively at Save-A-Lot grocery stores. Even the Cott Company got into the game by taking their existing grapefruit and lemon soda Quiky, and introducing a hillbilly theme to the cartons.

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Sold exclusively at Aldi stores. On the can, there is a picture of two mountains and lightning bolts surrounding it and the color scheme resembles that of Mountain Dew's.

I doubt the brand really caught on as the bottles can be tough to find and bring a pretty penny on eBay when they do show up. Mountain Lion contains about the same amount of caffeine as Mountain Dew.

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View more at www. Apparently Kickapoo Joy Juice is a beverage created by these two characters in the comic strip. Charles Lazier's answer to all of these imitators of his product.

One of the last that I know if is the Hillbilly Dew brand which features a curvy hillbilly woman who is trying to bring up her moonshine jug from a well, while in the background there is a mule kicking a guy off a cliff. It is a scene with a hillbilly making moonshine at his still; this bottle is a tough one to find usually bringing decent money on eBay. The brand had several different packages over the years including the two bottles I ly mentioned, there were no return bottles, cans, and thanks to its existence overseas some strange variations of the returnable hillbilly joose have cropped up online.

This joosse imitator was produced by the Holly Beverage Company of Youngstown, Ohio, and as I've never heard of another one of these I'm not sure if it made it into production or was a prototype bottle that escaped into the wild. It's a less expensive alternative to Mountain Dew with less caffeine. soda can demonstrates how a few visual symbols combine to clearly.

There was a virtual boom of different citrus flavored sodas that incorporated a hillbilly theme by Diet Mountain Fury is also available. These are the two most common Kickapoo Joy Juice bottles, there is also a 12oz variation of both. Often included in the list of imitators is the Hill Billy Beverages line out of Richland Center, Wisconsin, these bottles come in clear and green, the clear version being the most common.

My adventures in soda collecting and research.