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Lonely truck driver

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You know what i dont give a shit what others think about me because i know what i want in a woman and its simple i want (LOVE) but honestly there is no such thing as PERFECT so thats where i come in and make sure we can make that reality. Enjoy wearing women's things. Night time fun 41 drkver seeking for a female to have some fun with after i get off work.

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My health is also better. A paycheck.

Many resent the hour rule. Yeah, we get to see the country. We eat a lot of junk food.

When the recession hit, there was no jobs to be found. And it sucks, it really does.

Her sister was having a baby. For the young fellows, after two or three months, they say the hell with this.

‘the clock’s ticking, the clock’s ticking’

My daughter kept me going. Best wishes to you! This sucks up so much of your time. but I am a good driver and it's in my blood to drive I've. I raised my daughter and she was going to college, I needed to better myself.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to be home at the end of drover day, so maybe long haul trucking isn't for me? In a phone interview, she said the job allows her to return home every night, and has other benefits. My daughter got accepted to U. I get home every day, and have 2 days off a week.

You have to be able to be disciplined enough to do your job, and they trust you to do that. › trucker-dating. › Trucker's Forum › General Category. For older people, you kind of get trapped. Daniel: Freedom. I was a customer service rep in St.

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I told her that I would do whatever it took. Location will trump experience. I was making 12 bucks an hour. I don't sleep at truck stops, I don't deal with shippers and receivers since I'm linehaul, and I get to leave work at work and enjoy having a family life.

How can i be happy trucking when i get really lonely on the road and hate being away from home?

Others have spent years knocking on the door of the middle class in minimum-wage jobs in fast food or retail. But then you have to send money because they have to live. Drvier now, O. Now, he is part of a gang.

‘i told her that i would do whatever it took’

At the minimum I try to stay out for at least four weeks. At a moment when President Trump has ignited a national discussion of blue-collar labor and even climbed into a truck during a White House event, drjver, which was once among the best-paying such jobs, has become low-wage, grinding, unhealthy work. I love that about it. Then you have to come to our online dating website and enter the chat rooms.

He is my high school sweetheart. That was 45 hours.

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Gallant across the truvk counter. Gomez explained that her first year was the hardest because she was required to drive for the large freight company that trained her, which paid a low mileage rate. Do you have a retirement plan? It beckons big-rig drivers with showers, laundry machines, a barber shop, even a knife store.

Now Ms. I jumped on her truck and she trained me.

Alone on the open road: truckers feel like ‘throwaway people’

Truck Driver Dating Use Our Truck Drivers Dating Site to Find Hot Dates Now is the best time for you to our truckers dating site so that you can find singles female truck drivers like you that are hoping to find a little bit of fun. Image Credit Right now, you driveg potentially find hundreds of local people that are looking to meet you in the chat rooms.

My oldest son has been in trouble since he was about Image Wayne McLaurinCredit There were a lot of women in my training class.

These interviews were edited and condensed. I love trucking, but love my family and hometime much more.

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In a nutshell, I don't have a lifestyle as a trucker, I have a trucking job. I think about that. Our website helps you find truckers nearby your present location so that you can have some fast fun with the people that have the most in common with you. Bring dates along with you on those long hauls and find new people as often as you want.